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Privacy Policy (January 1, 2009)
General respects the privacy of every individual who visits our website:
  • will not collect any personally-identifiable information about you (ie. your name, address, or e-mail) unless your provide it voluntarily.
  • will not give, trade, sell, or otherwise distribute the personal information your provide us with unless you specifically give us permission to do so.
  • will often provide links to website's that are out of our control, but that we feel are appropriate for viewers. is not responsible for the content or privacy policy of the web sites we may link to.
Networking Aspect technology uniquely matches up students with other students based on various criteria that we ask for you to supply us with. This information is used to ensure that the environment within our web site is safe and secure for all members. In addition, this information is not personally identifiable and is deemed safe and secure.
Why We Ask For Personal Information
When you do provide us with personal information voluntarily, we can use that information to deliver better content to you. The more we know about what our visitors like, the better we are able to create the kind of site you want.

In order to ensure the safety and legitimacy of our users and their listings, we require that users join our service to participate on Membership accounts allow us to track users and ensure that the products listed on our website are legitimate. Your members also provides you with added benefits such as instant messaging and a book closet.
What Information is Revealed?
The following information is available to all members of the service:
  • First & Last Name
  • Display Name
  • School
  • Province
Getting the Info has a handful of way of gathering personal information about the visitors to our site which include surveys, message boards, mailing lists, contact forms, and contests. We ask for your personal info when signing up to the service in order to ensure the legitimacy of this service. All information is kept confidentiality and never released. You need to keep in mind that whenever you voluntarily give personal information online, by using message boards or in chat areas, it can be collected and used by other people. (We recommend you always use an alias/display name or first name only in these places). If you post personal information online that is accessible to the public, you may receive unsolicited messages from others in return. All we're saying is, there are weirdo's out there who make a hobby of collecting information about unsuspecting surfers - so remember that whatever personal information you disclose to anyone online you do at your own risk!
Why We Ask For Your E-mail Address
We will use your information to notify you if you have a sold a book, received a private message or to contact you about a new service from will also send out unscheduled newsletters to keep you updated on the service. also requires you use your e-mail to log into our service.
Why We Ask For Your Facebook ID asks you when signing up for our service to provide your Facebook ID (which is found in the URL of your facebook profile). This is to provide your textbook listings on your Facebook profile when you add our Facebook Application. Using the Facebook Application requires you to enter the Facebook ID in order to show your listings only. If you do not provide a Facebook ID or you have no current listings, random listings will be substituted.

What information is logged?

Information such as your I.P. Address, screen size, operating system and browser are logged into our statistic database in order to provide a better surfing experience. The statistic data is not personally identifiable. Other data which is logged is all actions performed by a user on the website, such as adding, editing, and selling a textbook, help request, contacting a member, and other actions that our members are allowed to perform. This is to protect you from others which may try to spam, hack or screw around with you. With this information logged we can go back and see who did what and reset things back to the way they were.

This will also allow us to see if a user raised the price of his textbook after you contacted him in order to try to get more money out of you. If you suspect this, please contact us. We're here to help you so don't be scared to contact us.