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Company Info/About Us
Our Mission
As any one knows, the cost of going to univeristy or any other post-secondary school is rising and textbooks are no exception. Buying new books for classes cost a fortune (approx: $1200-$1500/year; 2006/2007) and finding used books is getting harder. Our goal is to help post-secondary students find and sell their textbooks quickly and easily and in the process, reduce unnessecary costs incurred by trying to futher your eduction. We do our best to provide this by:
  • providing an easy means for students primarly in Canada as well as the United States to exchange textbooks
  • encourage better use of resources by recycling textbooks, which in turn also helps the enviroment
  • facilitate the easy exchange of textbooks
Please help us maintain our goals by providing your feedback. We look forward to hearing from you.
About was developed back in early 2004 by a University of Saskatchewan student who hated seeing students pay outragous amounts for textbooks at the bookstore, and who hated standing in the hallway looking at thousands of posters trying to find the textbook he needed. With that vision he developed and coded the first website which was launched January 5, 2005. While the original site had over 90 textbook listings and 50 members, it needed improvements to the design, the main website and the buyer/seller system.

This spawned a new age for UTexts as in the summer of 2007 we started re-coding and re-designing and improving the website to make the site more user friendly, and easier for students to advertise their books. We improved the way the textbooks are listed, how to buy them and sell them. Allowing access to all features of the website for FREE, we want to help post-secondary students save their valuable money for the more important things in life.
The People Behind
Dawson Irvine

Dawson was the original founder and think tank behind and plays a major role in the design, maintenance, and programming of the website. As well, he also is the main person behind the Support Team. While not working on, Dawson works in the Public Works Dept. for the Town of Carrot River, as well as he is the CEO and Founder of DNI Web Design (the parent company of While he can't be every where at once, he does try his best to help those that need help. and the Media
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